Did you know that succulents are one of the varieties of plants that is most susceptible to root rot? It’s true. Because succulents store water in their leaves, they are really sensitive to overwatering. In fact, overwatering can turn a succulent from healthy into mush within just a few days! But don’t despair, there’s a […]


Flowers, perhaps more than any other part of the natural world, are fascinating because of the many layers of meaning people have shrouded them in throughout history. There is a whole sub-category of etiquette surrounding which flowers are appropriate to give at what times, and to whom. The unending rules surrounding something so simple as […]

August Flower Lore: Gladiolus and Poppy

It is the season for preserving all of our garden vegetables so today I thought I would share a recipe with you. Many of you have planted a garden for the first time or decided to try it again this year. INGREDIENTS 7 tablespoons lemon juice about 28 Roma tomatoes INSTRUCTIONS Start by setting out […]

How To Can Tomatoes

There is one garden task that is rather fun for this time of the year… fall planning! Start dreaming about what changes you’ll make this autumn – which plants to move around or new plants to buy.  Fall is a good time to plant different perennials, so give it some thought! It is hard to […]

What NOT to Do in the Garden!