The Thomas Jefferson Gardens Board will again be hosting “Meet Your Legislator”, with the first one of this Legislative session to be held on February 13, at 10:00 A. M. The Thomas Jefferson Gardens board continues to provide this community service as Thomas Jefferson recognized the importance of an informed electorate. Due to the Covid-19 […]


Meet Your Legislator

For many gardeners, mid to late winter can be nearly unbearable, but forcing early flowering branches in our homes can make the dreary snow a little more tolerable. Forcing branches to bloom inside is not at all hard to do. Which Spring Flowering Branches Can Be Forced? Almost any spring-flowering shrub or tree can be […]

Forcing Flowering Branches – How To Force Branches To Bloom Indoors

January Flower Lore: Carnations: January Flower Lore: Carnations Carnations, the flower of the month. Here are some interesting facts about this special, and used in many floral arrangements. The carnation is a long lasting flower and can be grown in your flower gardens! There is a whole sub-category of etiquette surrounding which flowers are appropriate […]

Flower Folklore

We are hoping 2021 brings you much joy and happiness. Stay safe and healthy this Holiday season. Blessing to all.